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1. Are low osmolality contrast media less neprotoxic?

On the basis of their chemical and pharmacologic properties, contrast media may
be distributed into two large groups: high- and low-osmolar agents. Low- osmolar
agents may be further classified as either nonionic or ionic subgroups. The i
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2. Safe Use of Contrast Media: What the Radiologist Needs to Know

Iodinated and gadolinium-based contrast media are used on a daily basis in
most radiology practices. These agents often are essential to providing accurate
diagnoses, and are nearly always safe and ef- fective when administered
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3. Contrast Materials -

Feb 21, 2017 ... Contrast Materials. What are contrast materials and how do they work? Contrast
materials, also called contrast agents or contrast media, are used to improve
pictures of the inside of the body produced by x-r
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4. ACR Manual on Contrast Media - American College of Radiology

May 31, 2017 ... This manual was developed by the ACR Committee on Drugs and Contrast
Media of the ACR Commission on Quality and Safety as a guide for radiologists
to enhance the safe and effective use of contrast mediaTags:contrast media

5. contrast media - UW Radiology

Contrast agents are indispensable in the practice of radiology. Significant
improvements in their composition during the past few decades have made them
safer and better tolerated, as evidenced by their use in vast numbers of
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6. Notes on Radiographic Contrast Agents - RANZCR

The location of this K-edge for iodine has practical implications. Obviously the
maximum contrast in radiographic studies using iodine compounds would be
obtained by using a monochromatic beam of radiation of energy just above 33.2
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7. Iodinated Contrast Media Guideline - RANZCR

Guideline. Name of document and version: Iodinated Contrast Media Guideline,
2016 Edition. Approved by: Faculty of Clinical Radiology. Date of approval: 15
February 2017. Suggested Citation: The Royal Australian and New Zealand
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8. Safety Considerations In Contrast Media Handling And - ASRT

publications such as the American College of Radiology (ACR) “Manual on
Contrast. Media.” 1,3. This paper outlines the issues that surround contrast media
handling, administration and the role of radiologic technologists in contrast safet
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9. Radiographic contrast media - Wiley Online Library

Conventional ionic contrast media, which are sodium and meglumine salts of tri-
iodinated benzoic acid, have been available since the 1950s [1]. They are very
hyperosmolar, with an osmolality of 5? times that of blood. The hyperosmolality
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10. characteristics of contrast media types of iodinated contrast

Contrast media can cause heart rhythm disturbances. One mechanism is thought
to be due to effects on the conducting system that generates the pumping action
of the heart. Nonionic CM does not carry electrical charges osmolality. Osmolalit
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